Thursday, October 19, 2017
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I am by no means an avid book reader, however! I endeavor to become one ;-) Seeing as I have been transformed in my theological views of God and anthropological views regarding humanity by the reading of others, I feel an obligation to make mention of some books I come across that have been significant in the shift in worldview. I encourage you to step outside of your pre-bias, assumed denominational belief, and indoctrination by the repetition over the pulpit. All of us are affected by worldview and societal shaping. I have found, as I have become more inclusive, and broader in scope regarding material I read, it has opened me up to discoveries I would of never realized existed. Enjoy reading, writing and talking with each other. Start a book club, and begin to discuss between yourselves ;-)

Beyond Betrayal

Beyond Betrayal delves into New Zealand's pioneering history, and asks why such promising partnerships descended into decades of distrust. After the Treaty of Waitangi was...

Bible and Treaty: Missionaries Among the Maori – a New Perspective

Bible & Treaty: Missionaries among the Maori is a complex and colourful adventure of faith, bravery, perseverance and betrayal that seeks to recover lost...

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