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Spirited discussion about New Zealand/Global art and visual culture. Including dance and all forms of creative praxis ... You are invited to respond to reviews. These reviews are expressed as we come in contact with them, some are friends, so excuse our bias ;-).... Our aim is to blur the lines of spiritual and secular and raise awareness to art in its many forms, as too often, Christianity leaves out the fun and wonder, and all we are left with is front facing pews.

Theology in Art! The Trinity – Andrei Rublev

At one point i was fixated with the Mystics and there miracles, secluded life and intimacy with God. So I began to study them,...

Hidden hope koru-like breaking through into wise hearts

Hidden hope koru-like breaking through into wise hearts beyond the divide past cross and nail and bloodstained soil as our stories collide. - Keith Newman (2013) Painting Paula Novak (C)   Keith Newman is an...

Catherine Sanvictores

We love what Catherine is doing. Hugely inspiring in all she does so we thought we would share. If your in Auckland and want...

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