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Courses and Learning Tracks

Listed here are a collection of highly recommended courses and learning tracks. At times we will add our own. Some are linked away from us, as they are through other organisations, but we dont recommend what we do not know so rest assured. Enjoy! and may you be inspired, transformed and be filled with wonder.

Complete Course – Mimetic Theology Program

In Progress! Intakes for 2017, please contact the Mimesis Academy administration. A one year program drawing from cutting edge research in theology, psychology, anthropology, and philosophy, consisting...

Course 1 – Desire and Mimesis

Exploring the unconscious movements that form our sense of ‘self’ and the mechanism of desire. Why start this program, a program that deals with...

Course 2 – Scripture and Myth

The intention of this course is to help us understand the relationship between scripture and myth and why that is relevant to us today....

Course 3 – Symbolism of Evil

Exposing the structure of evil and the development of its symbolism. Moving beyond mythical and abstract descriptions of evil. What is evil? Answers to this question...

Course 4 – Idols and Icons

God and concepts of God are not the same. When this distinction is not recognized it is easy for our concepts to become idols...

Course 5 – Jesus Christ

What makes Jesus Christ uniquely significant in history, relevant in our present world and a living hope for the future of humanity. Jesus’ story summarizes...

Course 6 – Mimetic Atonement

In this course the intention is to take all we have examined so far and starting from the most basic assumptions, build a vision of...

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