The God of Participation vs the God of Control and Domination.


This morning I watched this beauty! Absolutely love Rabe’s, God participating with us – worldview. The endless possibilities we get to participate in with God, becoming incarnate, into every situation and with every person we come in contact with. Out of chaos we can remedy or create new possibilities. The story is not final, is not fixed, is not controlled nor is it pre-determined. Life is adventure and that adventure is in the possibilities of relational intertwining. We truly are what God desires, in our freedom he finds freedom, in our joy he finds joy.

Certainty vs Possibility in terms of our future. The illusion of security.
God is not an Omniboring God! hahahahaha

Creation is the description of the relationship which is continually ongoing, intertwining in participation with God and man.

All creation is incarnation. You are the heaven God desires.