Increase your reading speed


Reading more and with greater comprehension is sometimes a scary thought, I know it was for me. Andre has put together a video which helps, and suggests using audio books. For Kindle books and other eBooks I suggest using voice over on (in tips below).

The Mimetic Theology Course also requires a commitment of reading a prescribed book per month. The books are NOT included in the course fees. The time spent depends on your reading speed. Andre shares some tips on how to help increase your reading speed.

Steve’s Tips for eBook Audio Playback:
1. Use a Kindle device OR

2. If you use the Kindle app and have an ipad or iphone, you can set home button to “Voice Over On” Instructions here.

3. For windows pc, you can accessibility plugin use or use Calibre (i use it for my ebook library) to remove DRM of any ebook, export to pdf then use pdf readers like adobe reader or acrobat or foxit to read back to you.

4. You can also set reading rate to improve your reading on ipad, iphone or pc ;-) There is also an option for android but seeing I dont use it, I have omitted it. Just do a quick search in google ;-) Also I am not a Mac user so, sorry I cant help you there.

*Note also with kindle, all your highlights are accessible here