How We Scapegoat Others and Classify Them As A Gadarene Demoniac

Gedarene Demoniac
Gedarene Demoniac

I remember as a teen, Elders in our church had a very beautiful, intelligent daughter, in her late 20’s, as she got into her car one day after work, a guy ran out of an abandoned building, choked her with her own car seat belt and dragged her into building, bound and tied here, raping her over and over. She eventually escaped, but was psychologically and emotionally impaired after that occasion. She never recovered sadly.

It was a shame the church treated her like she had become possessed by a demon and no loving action was put forward in that scenario.

Grieves me to think of all the cases of “Gerasene Demoniacs”, people marginalized, segregated and having become labelled by the community as personified contagious evil.

We have two young men in our congregation who are mentally challenged. One had fallen forward when drunk onto fence, with wire strangling him out and died and then resuscitated, the other never recovered from immunization. People still go up to them to cast out demons,  YET is anyone invested in them?

-The following morning I read an article on the Gadarene Demoniac and Scapegoating, it is critical we get this, and shift away from the destructive mode of scapegoating.


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