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    This cd has over 700 revival sermons and articles and many complete books with some of the greatest revival sermons of all time on it. Some awesome life changing material!

    Here is a partial list of some of the authors.

    Charles Finney

    Winkie Pratney

    John Wesley

    George Otis Jr.

    Andrew Murray

    Gordon Olson

    Albert Barnes

    Asa Mahan

    Thomas Watson

    William Law

    Catherine Booth

    Moses Stuart

    Joel Hume

    Caleb Burge

    Nathan S. S. Beman

    Paris Reidhead

    Brother Lawrence

    Jonathan Edwards

    A. M. Hills

    Hannah Whitall Smith

    A. W. Tozer

    C. T. Studd

    Harry Ironside

    John Bunyan

    E. M. Bounds

    John Calvin

    Charles Spurgeon

    George Whitefield

    Duncan Campbell

    Samuel Logan Brengle

    Beverly Carradine

    Martin Knapp

    John Wood

    A. Paget Wilkes

    R. A. Torrey

    Robert Murray McCheyne

    George McLaughlin

    Smith Wigglesworth

    This CD is FREE and can not be sold or resold for any reason.

    Many articles and sermons on this cd have copyright restrictions. Please honor and respect them! You can make copies of this cd as long as it is given away freely. Under NO conditions can money be received from the distribution of this cd. PLEASE DO NOT attempt to make money in any way from any of these files.

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