April 19, 2015

The Ecstatic is a bi-annual theological journal that serves the resurgence and growing interest in mystical Christianity. It features articles, teachings and prophetic insights from John Crowder and other guest writers, while pulling material from ancient and historic contributors as well. A strong focus on the finished work of the cross, supernatural experience, the joy of salvation and creative cultural relevance make this a unique publication. Our goal with this publication is to encompass meaty theology, an unapologetic embrace of the miraculous, and to promote the happiest, religion-free Good News on the planet!

The Ecstatic speaks into the current move of God we are witnessing across the Body of Christ at the moment. It also serves as an information gateway for our ministry to keep you updated on mission trips, conferences and schools in which you can participate.


Steve is a "God Lover" loves people whom are enthusiastic and motivated. Is incredibly talented in many areas and his work ethic is always 110%. We are a crazy family community of fun loving love revelers. Centered in Union and active lovers in our community. The Cellar Church, Grace Kiwi Network, Godfuel Media Ministries.

Stephen Fawcett